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Know How Reborning

Here are some "insider tips" to help make life easier for your Reborning!

Clothing: Avoid buying cheaper end clothing products that are made of synthetic fabrics.Often these are not resistant to the softener products in the Vinyl. It can happen that the vinyl softener draws the colour out of the clothes and into the Vinyl thus staining it. You get a similar effect if you put the baby on a newspaper, then the print tint gets drawn onto the Vinyl.

Also pay attention when dressing and undressing the doll. it is possible to damage the matt finish on the Vinyl if you pull the textiles to hard over the body. You can end up with a "Polished" effect because the clothes rub over the vinyl and polish it up nicely!

Sealing the Silicon Tip- Clean the paint brush that you use to spread the Silicon with in Petrol, then wash it out with soap and water. Use a cheap brush as you will throw it away after anyway.

Warming the hard vinyl before rooting: Many people us an infra red lamp, or a hair-dryer. Our tip is to use little bags of rice that have been warmed in the microwave. Put them in the head, and then put some wadding/padding on top to keep them in and keep them warm. They normally stay warm for about half an hour.


Know How Paints


Here is some additional info to the DVD and REAL EFFECT COLOR. If you work with Real effect color then remember to look hereevery now and again for latest tips and infos.

In addition to the Matt Lack we now also offer a "Matt Thinner". Because of the similarities to the colour it is posible to mix it with the paints and use thin the paint better. When doing a technique with layers of paint on the vinyl, if the thinner matt is added to the mixture in a ratio of 2 parts thinner to one part paint, as well as 10-15 parts water, the thinner has a bonding effect on the paint and the pigments are bonded better making for a high quality finish.

We have now finished the development of the Specialist paint that we have been working on for some time. It is soon going to be launched under the name "Real Effect Color"  The "Real Effect" team cleaned up with 4 awards at the Las Vegas IDEX awards including Best Painting.

Colour Test 1. For all of the fotos please click on one of the pics below. 12.05.2006 (12 :00) Colour thinly spread and then tested.


For the colour test we contacted around 40 specialist Soft PVC producers.
Here are the experiences we made:

Artistic Paint Producers: We couldnt find any labs that could make a Soft PVC paint. Almost 80% of the producers advised us not to use their products on Soft PVC. Since then we still havent found an Artistic Paint Producer that could produce a safe Soft PVC paint.

 Specialist PVC Paint Producers: We found some that could produce a Soft PVC paint, but many couldnt give us the EN 71/3 compatabily for toxicology, which we wanted so that we could produce a non toxic paint. (Around 50% on the market dont have this stamp!) Also the thinners we found were toxic.

In the first test we found a specialist to test the colours for us. He has 30 years experience in Graphics, restoration and painting.

We tested the stickabilty of the paint, the drying times, he ease of use, water-tightness and resistance to household products. We tested 15 different paint systems and 4 of which were Soft PVC colours.

Colour Test: 

Colour Test part 1: For all the pics click on one of the below pictures. 12.05.2006 6pm The paints were tested for rubbing, water-tightness and resistance against household products.

Colour Test 3: We tested the colours after 48hrs. At this time we tested our paint remover "Nicky Clean" to see if we could remove the paint if we had made a mistake. All paints failed the test apart from the PVC specialist paint stuck on the Vinyl. The paint remover didnt have any problems with the specialist paints. Here are the fotos, click on the fotos below to see all of the pictures results.

During these tests there were 2 Students present.

Fact: We are going to test the water based paint that proved itself under the tests especially the rubbing/friction test.